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Week 6-7 KDE GSoc

Setup on Windows

setting up mingw on windows is PITA, at first since i am not used to backslash for filepaths, it load the gdb printers, i then realised that it does not come with python enabled. Downloaded a new one it does not come with python3 instead it is python 2.7.

I could not find any mingw that is built with python3 on windows, if you do send me a link here.

New Printers

  • QFile

    this private class has the following structure

    type = class QFilePrivate : public QFileDevicePrivate {
    QString fileName;

    it inherits from a QFiledeviceprivate, but the size of the qfiledeviceprivate is not consistent across operating system, architectures and qt5 versions.I got the list of offset from the qtcreator types this problem exists for also qprocess (not fully implemented as of now) and for others as i may not be able to get it size for all operating systems, architectures and qt5 versions.

    relevant commit

  • QDBusMessagePrinter

  • QUUidPrinter from here

Fixes and Tests

  • Added QByteArrayPrinterTest
  • Fix QFileInfoPrinter causing segfaults when calling a method that does not exist commit
  • The tests only runs when CMake builds successfully

Here is a link to the repo